Monday, May 3, 2010

High Resolution Crysis Screenshots

1. figure out the ratio of your game screen (top right corner) divide width by height (ie 1600/900 = 1.77)

2. use the ratio to set high resolution dimension using 4096 as width. (ie 4096/1.77 = 2314)

3. set the dimensions in crysis:

press ~ when in game mode to get the console command prompt

e_screenshot_width = 4096 [press enter]
e_screenshot_height = 2314 [press enter]

4. capture screen
set up the angle in game
e_screenshot 1

5. Image will be saved in your game folder under screenshots\high-res\
image will be in targa format - edit with photoshop. save smaller jpgs (1920x1200) and upload these to your blog.

1 comment:

  1. I found this at CryMod it binds the "v" to take the screenshots, the rest can be changed to your settings.

    bind v e_screenshot 1
    e_screenshot_quality 100
    e_screenshot_height 8600
    e_screenshot_width 12800

    Not sure what the Quality setting does...